Archived Monthly Posts

Seeds Started, Weather is Getting Warmer

All of my seeds have been started: lettuce seeds were started on March 2nd; broccoli, brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, and celery were started on March 14th; Peppers were started on March 20th.  All of them have germinated, except for the peppers, and have been moved to the cold frame.  The weather is starting to warm up […]

Onions and Cucumbers Harvested, New Garden Video

Happy Independence Day!!  While we enjoy our cookouts and fireworks today, please remember that freedom is not free.  Take a moment to pray for all of our active duty military personnel and our veterans and make sure to thank them for their service.

The onions were pulled up this morning and are now drying over hardware […]

Spring Rains and How Much Can a Garden Save You?

The spring rains have started to fall on my garden and it has also been somewhat cooler than normal.  The forecast is for dryer and much warmer weather towards the end of the week   Due to all of the rain, I have not been able to plant much since my last post of April […]

2008 Garden Season Coming to an End

The 2008 gardening season is fast coming to an end. Since my last post of early November, there has been a few very hard freezes. In fact, there were a few days where the temperature did not even get above freezing. Most of the rest of the garden that was still growing has since died, […]

Fall Harvest Continues

The weather has been relatively warm and very dry for about the last week. It has cooled off today, so I think the cold weather is here to stay. The last cold snap killed off all of the warm season crops, but the cool season crops are still doing fine. The cauliflower […]

Fall Garden Going Strong

Sorry for the delay in writing this post. I have been having a few technical difficulties, which I think have now been solved. The fall garden is growing really well. The broccoli crop has probably been the best fall crop ever. The plants have produced many good-sized main heads and a […]

Cabbage Moth Explosion, Autumn Begins

Welcome to the first day of Autumn. Wow, summer just flew by this year! My early fall garden is still producing. The cabbage moths are everywhere and I have been spraying “bt” on my broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, and cauliflower to keep them in check. This is the worst cabbage worm infestation I have ever […]

Very Dry Late Summer Garden

The weather has been very dry over the last 3 weeks or so. I really could use some rain. Oh well, I guess I have to water my garden artificially. Some parts of my garden are doing well, but others not so well. My pole lima beans have really struggled this year, probably due to […]

Summer Harvest Continues – Tomatoes and Corn

Harvest continues in my square foot garden. The weather has been somewhat hot and dry up to a few days ago when I got some much needed rain. I harvested a pretty good number of roma tomatoes today and made some sauce using a Food Strainer & Sauce Maker. This makes quick work of a […]

Mid-Summer Harvest Underway

The weather here has turned hot and a dry. I have starting watering some of the plants on a regular basis now. I pulled the onions and I have been curing them over fencing for about one week now. The onion crop was really good with many large sized onions. I suspect it was all […]