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Spring Planting Moving Right Along

Spring planting is moving right along so far.  Most of my lettuce seedlings were transplanted out into the garden on April 15th.  The peas were directly seeded out about one week ago, and a few have started to poke through the ground.  The radishes planted under the plastic covered hoop house in late March are […]

2015 Spring Planting Update

I cannot believe we are nearly halfway through April already.  Spring planting is a little behind for me this year.  The only things I have planted out in the garden are onions and radishes.  I will be directly seeding some peas today.  Lettuce seedlings will be transplanted out into the garden in another 4 or […]

Seeds Started-First Day of Spring

Welcome to the “official” first day of spring!! Lettuce seeds were started indoors on 3/14 and all of those have since germinated and were moved outside to the cold frame.  Seeds of broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, celery, and kohlrabi were started indoors yesterday, 3/19.  I am growing kohlrabi for the first time this year.  I […]

Cold Frame is Up, Starting Seeds Soon

I set-up my cold frame out in the garden yesterday, March 9th.  I think the weather has FINALLY turned more March like and the extended forecast also looks good.  Most of the snow has melted away, but now I have a backyard full of mud which my chickens love :-).  I will be starting lettuce, […]

Onions, Peas, and Radish Planted - Rain Galore

Radish and pea seeds were sown about one week ago. Received my onion plants from Dixondale about 5 days ago and then it proceeded to rain heavily for 2 days. The garden soil is still very wet, but I went ahead and planted out the onion plants today in the mud (see picture […]

Spring is Here, Cold Fame is Up, Starting Seeds Soon

I am hopeful that spring is finally here (knock on wood). Most of the snow here in Central Indiana has melted so I put up my cold frame today and will start some lettuce seeds indoors in a few days. In about another five days I will start broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, and […]

April Garden Growing Slowly, Too Much Rain and Cold

The April garden is growing slowly right now, probably due to all of the rain and colder than normal temperatures.  The soil is pretty much saturated right now, but the good news is the weather forecast is calling for warmer temperatures into the 70’s, with just a chance of some scattered rain (hopefully nothing too […]

Cold Frame Is Up, Starting Lettuce Seeds Today

The cold frame went up on February 24th, but I have not moved any seedlings out into the frame because it has been too cold.  I am starting lettuce seeds today and will move them outside into the cold frame as soon as they germinate (probably in about 4 0r 5 days).  I usually like […]

Winter is Here - Lots of Snow and Cold

Happy New Year Everybody!!  The snow showed up here a day after Christmas.  Eight inches of snow fell, which is the most snow we have seen in Indianapolis for about 2 years now.  The last of the brussels sprouts were harvested about one week before Christmas.  The only thing left to harvest in the garden are […]

Early May Garden Growing Well, Most of Garden Planted

Wow, what a difference in the garden since my last blog entry of April 21st.  The garden has really taken off.  The potatoes are up and about 8 inches tall and the corn has just poked up through the soil.  The lettuce is really growing fast now, so fast in fact, that it needs harvesting […]