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Late Spring Garden Progress

The garden this time of year grows very fast.  The weather has been relatively warm and it rained nearly an inch a few days ago.  This spring has been very wet, but all that means is that I have not had to water much.  Despite the wet conditions, all plants seem to be growing well.  I […]

Garden Fully Planted, Chickens are Fun

Sorry for the long time between posts.  I have been busily planting and harvesting my garden since my last post.  The garden is fully planted and is looking pretty good for this time of year.  The only real issue I have had is poor germination on my green beans.  I suspect it was caused by […]

Spring is Near!

Spring is almost here.  For some of you, it probably already is.  Here in Central Indiana it is still a few weeks away (at least according to my calendar).  I officially consider it spring when I plant my first lettuce seeds indoors.  Hopefully, I will get them planted in about 7-10 days, but I will […]