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Overwintered Lettuce, More Seeds Started, Compost Moved

The overwintered lettuce seems to be greening up a bit under the hoop. I checked out the plants thoroughly for the first time a few days ago. They seem to be doing fine (see picture below). Hopefully these lettuce plants will start growing bigger leaves within the next month. I planted […]

Onions Planted, Spring Snow Go Away!

Received my onion plants from Dixondale Farms on March 22nd.  I decided to plant them yesterday, as 6-10 inches of snow was/is predicted for today    I thought if I did not get the onions in the ground yesterday, I would not see bare ground for at least another week.  Onions are strong and fairly cold tolerant, […]

Lettuce Seeds Germinated, Compost Spread, Starting More Seeds Today

Most of my lettuce seeds have germinated and are now happily growing in my outside cold frame.  I will be starting seeds of broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, celery, and fennel today.  I emptied both of my compost bins this last week and top dressed all of my garden beds with this fabulous soil amendment. The […]

Frost Free Dates, Cold Frame Filling Up

One of the questions new gardeners always seem to have is when are their last frost free dates in the spring.  It is important to know this as it determines when you should plant or start seeds of your favorite vegetables.  Most seed packets will list the best time to either start seeds indoors or when […]

Seeds Started, Cold Frame is Open for Business

I started 72 lettuce plants on February 28th.  Most of them have germinated and were moved to the cold frame.  On March 7th, I started 18 broccoli, 12 cabbage, 12 brussels sprouts, 12 celery, and 6 fennel plants.  I will be planting pepper seeds in about another week.  The weather has been nearly perfect the […]

Spring Seed Starting and Warmer Weather

Look Inside Cold Frame, 3/9/09

Over the last 9 days I have successfully started lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, and brussels sprouts seeds indoors.  They have all germinated and are now settling into their new home in my cold frame.  I have included a picture of  the inside of my cold frame in this post.  I have half […]