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2015 Fall Garden Update - WOW

Sorry for the delay in posting updates, but better late than never.  I hope everybody had a great Christmas.  My 2015 fall garden really produced for me this year. This might have been my best fall garden ever!!  The weather was great, although maybe a little drier than I would have liked it, and the […]

Spring Garden Fully Planted

Wow, I have super busy in the garden over the last month.  My spring garden is now fully planted.  I just finished planting seeds of pole lima beans and bush green beans yesterday.  The spring garden is growing really well so far.  I started harvesting my spring planted lettuce on May 10th.  Wow, is the […]

Cold Frame is Up, Starting Seeds Soon

I set-up my cold frame out in the garden yesterday, March 9th.  I think the weather has FINALLY turned more March like and the extended forecast also looks good.  Most of the snow has melted away, but now I have a backyard full of mud which my chickens love :-).  I will be starting lettuce, […]

Lots of Broccoli, Hot and Dry Early Summer Weather

Welcome to summer!!! The garden has certainly taken off in growth since the last blog entry in early June. I have been harvesting broccoli like a wild man. All of the main heads have now been harvested and now side shoots are starting to grow. The garden peas have starting maturing […]

Onions Planted, Spring Snow Go Away!

Received my onion plants from Dixondale Farms on March 22nd.  I decided to plant them yesterday, as 6-10 inches of snow was/is predicted for today    I thought if I did not get the onions in the ground yesterday, I would not see bare ground for at least another week.  Onions are strong and fairly cold tolerant, […]

Winter is Here - Lots of Snow and Cold

Happy New Year Everybody!!  The snow showed up here a day after Christmas.  Eight inches of snow fell, which is the most snow we have seen in Indianapolis for about 2 years now.  The last of the brussels sprouts were harvested about one week before Christmas.  The only thing left to harvest in the garden are […]

December Garden Still Producing

Wow, it has been about 6 weeks since my last post.  Sorry for not posting sooner.  A lot has changed in the garden since late October.  The last head of broccoli was harvested about 3 weeks ago.  The fall broccoli produced really well for me this year.  The 4 cauliflower plants produced good medium sized heads and were […]

Fall Garden Growing Well, First Hard Freeze

The Fall garden is growing well, despite the bad weather experienced here over the last month or so.  The first hard freeze of the season occurred on the morning of October 8th, with a low of 28 degrees recorded on my thermometer.  Row covers were used to protect the cool season crops like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, […]

Driest June on Record, Drought Continues

Indianapolis recorded the driest June on record.  Some scattered heavy rains have been around, but unfortunately, very little rain fell on my garden.  At least the temperatures have cooled a bit.  I am still watering, but not nearly as much now.  Harvest has started on the corn and potatoes.  Upon harvesting the Yukon Gold potatoes […]

Early May Garden Growing Well, Most of Garden Planted

Wow, what a difference in the garden since my last blog entry of April 21st.  The garden has really taken off.  The potatoes are up and about 8 inches tall and the corn has just poked up through the soil.  The lettuce is really growing fast now, so fast in fact, that it needs harvesting […]