Archived Monthly Posts

Fall Seedlings Planted, Desert Dryness Continues

All of the cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower seedlings were planted out into the garden on August 5th and the lettuce seedlings were planted out a few days later. Scarlet Nantes carrot seeds were planted around the 1st of August and have since germinated. Here is a little trick that works really well when [...]

Very Dry Garden, Onions Harvested

My garden continues to miss out on all of the rain, so the conditions remain very very dry. At least it has cooled down a bit. I continue to water about every 4 to 5 days. Lets hope for some rain soon! I pulled up my onions about 2 weeks ago [...]

Happy 4th of July, It Finally Rained, Cabbage Harvesting, Fall Seeds Started

Happy 4th of July everyone! Well, it finally rained on my garden, Yahoo!! The plants have really responded to the rain as well. Everything is growing really well right now. The bush green beans have flowered and small beans are now growing on the plants. Harvesting will probably begin on [...]

Lots of Broccoli, Hot and Dry Early Summer Weather

Welcome to summer!!! The garden has certainly taken off in growth since the last blog entry in early June. I have been harvesting broccoli like a wild man. All of the main heads have now been harvested and now side shoots are starting to grow. The garden peas have starting maturing [...]

Spring Garden Completely Planted – Lettuce Growing Like Crazy

The spring garden has now been completely planted with the planting of bush green beans and the pole lima beans about one week ago. The tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and celery were transplanted out into the garden on May 13th and 14th. My Juwel cold frame was taken down and stored away for another year. The [...]

April Garden Growing Slowly, Too Much Rain and Cold

The April garden is growing slowly right now, probably due to all of the rain and colder than normal temperatures.  The soil is pretty much saturated right now, but the good news is the weather forecast is calling for warmer temperatures into the 70′s, with just a chance of some scattered rain (hopefully nothing too [...]

Driest June on Record, Drought Continues

Indianapolis recorded the driest June on record.  Some scattered heavy rains have been around, but unfortunately, very little rain fell on my garden.  At least the temperatures have cooled a bit.  I am still watering, but not nearly as much now.  Harvest has started on the corn and potatoes.  Upon harvesting the Yukon Gold potatoes [...]

HOT....HOT...HOT and Extreme Drought

June 28, 2012 High Temperature in my Garden

The weather here in Central Indiana has been very very hot.  Temperatures have been in upper 90′s to low 100′s for the last 7 days or so, with no relief from the heat for at least 4 more days.  On June 28th I recorded a high of 106.9 [...]

Drought Worsens, Watering Like Crazy

The drought here in Central Indiana continues to get worse.  It feels a lot like the drought of 1988.  Even though I was not gardening then, I remember how dry and hot it was that growing season.  I have been watering at least every 5 days or so.  Parts of the garden I have to [...]

June Garden Update, Desert Like Conditions

The weather has been super dry and very hot up until a few days ago, almost like trying to garden in the desert.  Despite the bad weather, the garden is growing fine.  Needless to say, I have been watering.  I harvested my first 2 heads of broccoli on May 30th.  That is about 3 weeks [...]