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Onion Planting Time, How to Chose the Right Onion Variety

For those Midwest gardeners like me (zones 5 or 6), March through mid April is the right time to plant onions.  If you want really good sized bulbs, you must get them into the ground early.  I start with good quality transplants and usually like to get them planted no later than the first week of […]

Early November Garden, Ways to Extend the Season

The mid to late fall vegetable garden continues to produce a nice harvest of cabbage, broccoli, and lettuce.  The cauliflower heads are getting bigger and will be ready to harvest in about one more week.  The carrots are also nearing harvestable size.  The brussels sprouts are ready for harvesting, but have not been as of […]

Late Spring Garden Growing Well, New Video

I hope this post finds all of you getting your hands dirty in your garden soil!! A lot has changed in the garden since my last post. The rain has stopped and the heat was turned on big time. Temps reached into the 90’s about a week ago. Temps have only just recently cooled down […]

Chicken Bathing

Since my garden is currently in Ole Man Winter’s frozen grip, there is not much to report except that now is a good time to get your seeds and supplies ordered for the upcoming gardening season.  If you procrastinate, you might not get the seeds you want.

Some of you have asked to see more posting […]

Onions and Cucumbers Harvested, New Garden Video

Happy Independence Day!!  While we enjoy our cookouts and fireworks today, please remember that freedom is not free.  Take a moment to pray for all of our active duty military personnel and our veterans and make sure to thank them for their service.

The onions were pulled up this morning and are now drying over hardware […]

Early Fall Garden, Another Garden Video

My early fall garden continues to produce a nice harvest.  The garden finally received some much needed rain.  The weather continues to be somewhat cooler than normal.  There was some frost last week in parts of central Indiana, but my garden luckily avoided any frost.  Harvest begins today on some of the August planted broccoli […]

Summer Harvest and New Video!

The summer garden continues to produce a nice harvest.  Harvest has started on the spring planted cabbage, although the heads are a little smaller than normal, they still make very nice cole slaw.  The green beans are starting to mature and they I will start picking them within the week (Yum!).  The spring planted broccoli continues […]