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Frost Free Dates/Seed Starting

One of the questions gardeners always seem to have is when is the right time to start seeds.  This is mostly determined by their last frost free date in the spring or their first frost date in the fall.  It is important to know this as it determines when you should plant or start seeds […]

Back to Eden Video, Happy Earth Day!

Last night I watched the “Back to Eden” film.  Back to Eden is an organic and no-till gardening method designed by Paul Gautschi.  In this video Paul shares his lifelong journey, walking with God and learning how to get back to the simple, productive methods of sustainable provision that were given to man in the […]

Onions Planted, Spring Snow Go Away!

Received my onion plants from Dixondale Farms on March 22nd.  I decided to plant them yesterday, as 6-10 inches of snow was/is predicted for today    I thought if I did not get the onions in the ground yesterday, I would not see bare ground for at least another week.  Onions are strong and fairly cold tolerant, […]

Make Your Own Complete Organic Fertilizer

In the spring of 2012 I decided to experiment with making my own organic fertilizer after reading several “recipes” on the Internet.  I knew I could probably make my own organic fertilizer a little cheaper than store bought or pre-made fertilizers, but how well would it work.  Well, my own organic made fertilizer worked really well.  The […]

Onion Planting Time, How to Chose the Right Onion Variety

For those Midwest gardeners like me (zones 5 or 6), March through mid April is the right time to plant onions.  If you want really good sized bulbs, you must get them into the ground early.  I start with good quality transplants and usually like to get them planted no later than the first week of […]

Why Do You Garden? #1 Anticancer Vegetables

Why do you garden?  There are many answers to this question.  Some people garden to relieve stress, others because they like being outdoors.  I agree with both of those answers, but I also raise a vegetable garden because I like eating the most fresh and nutritious foods. 

Studies have shown that the best vegetables for cancer prevention are the […]

Handy On-Line Garden Resources

Here are some very useful on-line gardening resources that I have come across recently:

Sources for Vermiculite
Excellent list of sources of vermiculite, sorted by location.  I get asked about this quite a bit.  I now know where to send people who have questions about where to find it!!

Cubic Yard Calculator
This is a very good on-line calculator […]