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Tasty Winter Harvest!

On January 5th I harvested quite a few tasty carrots under the collapsed snow covered hoop (see pics below).  Despite single digit low temperatures and 8 inches of  snow, the carrots were perfectly fine.  I let the hoop collapse under the weight of the snow, figuring that the snow would give the carrots a little […]

Winter is Here - Lots of Snow and Cold

Happy New Year Everybody!!  The snow showed up here a day after Christmas.  Eight inches of snow fell, which is the most snow we have seen in Indianapolis for about 2 years now.  The last of the brussels sprouts were harvested about one week before Christmas.  The only thing left to harvest in the garden are […]

December Garden Still Producing

Wow, it has been about 6 weeks since my last post.  Sorry for not posting sooner.  A lot has changed in the garden since late October.  The last head of broccoli was harvested about 3 weeks ago.  The fall broccoli produced really well for me this year.  The 4 cauliflower plants produced good medium sized heads and were […]

April Garden Growing Fine, Weather Has Cooled a Bit

The weather has cooled a bit, but despite a few frosts and one freeze over the last 2 weeks, the garden is doing quite well.  The weather today is cloudy and quite chilly for this time of year (temps in the low 40’s…….brrrrr).  It rained a little yesterday evening, but it is starting to get […]

Patience is a Virtue, Especially in the Spring

It is hard to wait for the right time to plant your vegetables out into your garden, especially if it has been so unseasonably warm like it has been this spring.  With the first few warm days of spring everybody is itching to get out in the garden.  Heck, I cannot blame them.  After months […]

Unbelievably Warm Weather, Harvesting Begins

Wow, what unbelievably warm/hot weather weather we have had here in Indiana over the last week.  High temperatures have been in the 70’s and 80’s, which is some 20-30 degrees above normal.  My overwintered lettuce and top setting onions have exploded into growth (see pics below).  I will be harvesting some of the lettuce and […]

Website Updated, Patiently Awaiting Spring

Happy Belated New Year Everyone!! 

I have added 2 new pages to my Web Site: Frequently Asked Questions and a Video page.  Let me know what you think.  A special thank you to everyone who has visited my new Tim’s Square Foot Garden Facebook page.  If you have not stopped by the page yet, please do.  Don’t […]

Tim's Square Foot Garden is Now on Facebook, a Quick Garden Update

Great news, Tim’s Square Foot Garden in now on Facebook!!  Find my Facebook Page here:  Like the page and stay connected with me to see what is new in the garden. 

Not much happening in the garden right now.  Two inches of new snow fell on the garden 2 days ago, but it had all melted […]

2011 Fall Garden a Great Success

My fall garden was very successful this year. I just finished harvesting the last of the cabbage and brussels sprouts on December 6th and 7th. Temperatures here in Central Indiana were above normal for the month of November, which probably helped the fall garden produce more over a longer period. The low temperatures over the […]

Cold Frame Up, Lettuce Seeds Started, Lettuce Under Hoop Growing

My cold frame has been up for about one week, but I do not have any plants in it as of yet.  I like to get the cold frame put up before any plants are moved into it to allow time for the containers of water to warm up a little.  This also allows me […]