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Happy 4th of July, It Finally Rained, Cabbage Harvesting, Fall Seeds Started

Happy 4th of July everyone! Well, it finally rained on my garden, Yahoo!! The plants have really responded to the rain as well. Everything is growing really well right now. The bush green beans have flowered and small beans are now growing on the plants. Harvesting will probably begin on the green beans in about another week (YUM). I started harvesting a few stalks of celery a few days ago. Just about all of the onion tops have fallen over, so I will be pulling those up and letting them cure in about another week. The roma tomatoes have grown to the top of their 3 foot cages and I saw little clusters of green tomatoes starting to form on most of the plants. The cucumber plants have started to push on small cucumbers, most are about 2-3 inches long right now. The peppers plants are growing like mad. The green peppers have really started to grow are just about ready to flower. The Hungarian hot banana peppers are still producing peppers, but the plants have really started to get bigger over the last few weeks. The Silver Queen white corn is tasseling. The Red Norland potato vines have almost all died back, so harvest will begin on those soon. Harvest finished up on the spring peas, so I pulled up the plants and planted bush green beans in their place.

The Golden Acre Cabbage is ready to harvest, so I harvested 2 really good sized heads this morning. Wow, my spring cabbage has grown probably the best it has ever had. Usually the spring cabbage gets lots of damage from slugs, but I have not seen any slug damage so far this year. The 2 heads harvested were about 8 to 9 inches in diameter and weighed about 3-4 pounds each. I still have 6 more heads to harvest (see cabbage pics below).

I started seeds of broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and lettuce on July 1. These will be planted out into the garden by the first week of August for harvest in the fall. Wow, this summer is really going by quickly and fall will be here before you know it.

Cabbage, Notice Splitting Outer Leaf, Time to Get This One Harvested

Two Mature Cabbage Plants (1-Foot Spacing Between Plants)

8 Cabbage Plants Growing Along the South Side of Plot (Competing Fairly Well with the Broccoli)

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