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It Rained!!-Harvesting Continues

The garden finally received some decent rain 2 days ago, just over 1 inch. That is the first measurable rain in 3 weeks and the most in probably 6 to 7 weeks. The weather has been really hot and I have been watering most plants about every week. I am REALLY glad to see the rain. Despite the bad weather conditions, the garden is doing relatively well. The early August planted seedlings of broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower are growing well and I think they are on schedule to produce a nice fall harvest starting in early October (see pics below). The King of the Garden pole lima beans have exploded into growth and the vines have really filled out on the trellises. I have also been harvesting these lima beans, and they are sure good to eat :-) I have also started to harvest some of my Sierra lettuce which was transplanted out into the garden in late July. The roma tomatoes continue to push on new growth and mature fruit. The tomatoes have really grown well for me this year, despite the dry conditions. The early August planted carrots are growing, but more slower than I like. Harvest also continues on the hot banana and green peppers, green beans, and celery. I hope most of you have planted or are starting to plant your fall garden. Fall is an excellent time to garden.

Early August Planted Broccoli Growing Well

Early August Planted Cabbage and Cauliflower Getting Bigger

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