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Garden Half Planted, Spring Garden Growing Nicely

My garden is now half planted, with the only things left to plant, when the weather warms a bit more, are celery, peppers, tomatoes, corn, beans, and cucumbers.  Red Norland potatoes were planted on 4/12, about half of the lettuce seedlings were transplanted out into the garden (under the hoop) on 4/13, broccoli and cabbage seedlings went into the garden on 4/19, and brussels sprouts seedlings went out a few days ago.  Just starting to harvest a few leaves from the overwintered lettuce, but it is growing slower than normal this year.  The early seeded radishes are also slow growing. Started harvesting some green onions from the fall planted top-setting onions about 4 days ago, with many more harvests to come.   See a few pics of the garden taken 4/27 below.  Check out even more pics on my Facebook Page.  Happy Spring Planting :-)

Spring Planted Lettuce Growing Nicely Under Hoop

Garden Peas Starting to Get Bigger

Broccoli and Cabbage Seedlings Adjusting to Their New Home

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