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Spring Harvest Update-Time for Fall Seed Starting

Wow, a lot has happened in the garden since my last blog update of a month ago.  Broccoli harvesting started on June 9th.  The heads were a little smaller than normal, but I still had a decent harvest overall with more side shoots still coming on.  The harvest on the Mr. Big peas started on June 20th with still a few more peas left to harvest.  The pea harvest this year was a little better than normal.  Lettuce is just about finished for the spring.  The spring lettuce harvest was pretty good this year, but I had a lot of trouble with slugs.  I still have a few small Buttercrunch lettuce plants still growing.  The onions tops on the Red Candy Apple and Candy are starting to fall over, so harvest and curing will be taking place in another 3 weeks or so.  The Golden Acre cabbage plants are still growing, but most of the heads look like they will be somewhat small this year.  The Red Norland potato vines have mostly turned brown and harvest might begin on some of these in a few days.  The bulk will be left unharvested for a few more weeks to dry out a bit before digging and storage.  The hot banana peppers continue to produce some peppers with many more to come.  The Diva cucumbers are growing like mad and with many inch long cucumbers observed growing along the vines.  The Derby bush green beans have very small green beans on some of the plants, so it won’t be long until harvest begins on those.  The King of the Garden pole limas are really starting to get growing and all vines have made it up the top of the trellises.  The Roma tomatoes have all just about reached the top of the cages, with many small immature tomatoes observed on the plants.  The Tango celery plants are big enough to start harvesting the outer stalks.  Harvest will start on those today, YUM.  The white Silver Queen corn is starting to tassel and it looks like it will be a good corn crop this year.  The weather has been pretty good with just the right amount of rain.  I hope the good weather continues throughout the rest of the growing season (knock on wood).

I will be starting seeds of broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and lettuce in a few more days for transplanting out into the garden during the first week of August.  Wow, it is hard to believe that fall planting is starting up now.    Go on over to my Facebook page to see more pictures of my garden which were taken today.  Happy Summer Vegetable Growing!!!

Candy and Red Candy Apple Onions Growing Nicely

Tomatoes, Peppers, and Cucumbers Growing Very Well

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