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Onions Harvested - Still Waiting on Tomatoes and Corn

Onions were harvested last week and are now nearly dry enough to store.  The onion harvest was pretty good this year with many 2 to 3 inch sized bulbs.  A few yellow Candy onions approached 4 inches in diameter.  The Red Candy Apple onions did not get as big, which is normal, but they did grow pretty well for me as well (see pictures below).  Still waiting for the first ripe roma tomato and the first cob of Silver Queen white sweet corn.  The initial harvest was good on the cucumbers with still more on the vines.  Harvested many hot banana peppers over the last month or so, with many more coming on.  The spring planted broccoli is still producing amazing numbers of side shoots and I still have a few more heads of cabbage to harvest.  Harvest also continues on the spring planted celery.  Harvest finished up on the late spring planted bush green beans, but more should be ready in another 6 weeks or so.  The broccoli, cauliflower,  cabbage, and lettuce that I started in seedling trays around the first of July are starting to get some size to them.  I should be able to transplant all of them out into the garden in another 2 weeks or so.  My garden was getting really dry but I got some much needed rain a few days ago, Hoooray!!!  Fall is just around the corner, so plan (plant) accordingly :-)

Onions Drying on Fencing

Some of the Larger Candy and Red Candy Onions Harvested

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