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Early Fall Garden Update - Desert Dryness Continues

Well, I should have known, the record July rainfall has been followed by nearly no rain for the period August through mid September.  Despite the dryness, the early fall garden is growing fairly well.  The early August transplanted broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and kohlrabi, are doing just fine (see pics below).  I have been watering them really well once a week. Most of the broccoli looks to be on target for an early October harvest, with the cabbage soon to follow.  The cauliflower and kohlrabi will probably not be ready until late October or early November.  The weather has not only been dry, but also hot for the last few weeks.  It has cooled down a bit over the last few days.  The early August planted carrots are doing okay, but they still look a little small right now. I planted some radishes about 3 weeks ago and they are just starting to get some size to them.  Harvesting continues on green beans, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, and celery.  The last planted green beans growing in the old corn raised bed have just started to flower, so harvest will probably begin on them in another 3 weeks or so.  The first fall frost is probably another 3 to 4 weeks away.  Happy Fall Gardening!!!



Broccoli Plot

Broccoli Plot

Cabbage and Broccoli Raised Bed

Cabbage and Broccoli – Raised Bed

Cauliflower Raised Bed

Cauliflower – Raised Bed

Green Beans - Raised Bed

Green Beans – Raised Bed

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