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Seeds Started, Weather is Getting Warmer

All of my seeds have been started: lettuce seeds were started on March 2nd; broccoli, brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, and celery were started on March 14th; Peppers were started on March 20th.  All of them have germinated, except for the peppers, and have been moved to the cold frame.  The weather is starting to warm up a bit and the rain has finally let up a little.  I should be receiving my onion plants from Dixondale within the next few days and hopefully I will be able to get them in the ground within the next week or so.  Speaking of onions, my top-setting onions planted last fall are really starting to grow now with most plants having 4 to 5 inches of green top growth already (see pic below).  I might start harvesting some for green onions within the next few weeks!!  I directly seeded some radish seeds and a few more top setting onions under the plastic covered hoop that I overwintered some lettuce plants in.  Peas might get planted  in 2 weeks, depending on the weather.  Happy Early Spring Planting!!

Fall Planted Top Setting Onions Growing Nicely - 3/21/16

Fall Planted Top Setting Onions Growing Nicely – 3/21/16

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