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Garden More than Half Planted, Too Much Friggin Rain

Lettuce and potatoes were planted about 3 weeks ago, the broccoli, kohlrabi, and peas about 2 weeks ago.  I decided not to plant cabbage in the spring because of all of the slugs problems I have had over the years (planting kohlrabi instead because it is my new favorite vegetable).  I will continue to plant cabbage out in the fall.  I was about one week behind schedule on getting the lettuce seedlings transplanted out into the garden, due to the cold and wet weather.  I will be planting out the brussels sprout seedlings hopefully within the next week or so.  The weather has been way too wet for my liking, but there is not much one can do about that.  With favorable weather, I plan on getting my peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and celery seedlings planted within the next 7 to 10 days.  I really need for the soil to dry out a bit in order for me to seed my pole lima beans.  I have been harvesting the overwintered lettuce, radishes, and green onions for over 3 weeks now.  My spring planted lettuce should be big enough to start harvesting some of the outer leaves within the week…..Yea!!  I really enjoy my spring lettuce every year.  Happy Gardening!!

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