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The 2017 Garden Season is Off and Running

The 2017 gardening season has officially started in my garden.  The weather so far this spring has been pretty good, with the exception of a very cold spell in early and mid March.

About 100 Onion transplants from Dixondale Farms were  planted out into the garden around the last week of March.  Lettuce seedlings were transplanted out into the garden on April 8 under a plastic covered hoop. Hopefully I will be able to harvest some of the lettuce leaves in another 10 days.  Pea seeds were planted in the first week of April and radish seeds were planted out the second week of April. Planted seed potatoes (variety Red Norland) out into 8 grow bags on April 9.  I plan on transplanting the kohlrabi, broccoli, and brussels sprout seedlings out into the garden within the next few days.  I have been harvesting the fall planted top setting onions, for green onions, for about a week. Harvest will continue on those for about another 3 weeks or so (see pic below).  I will be moving my pepper seedlings to larger pots very soon. They  will continue to be kept in the cold frame for about another 3 weeks or so. Will also be planting my cucumbers seed in small pots which will also reside in the cold frame until the chance of frost has ended.  Happy Spring Gardening!!

Overwintered Top Setting Green Onions Harvested on April 14, 2017

Top Setting Green Onions Harvested on April 14, 2017

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