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Spring Lettuce Planted

The weather has finally turned warmer!!! I did plant some lettuce seedlings out into the garden on April 16th and a few more yesterday under the plastic hoop. Because of all of the cold March temperatures, this is about 2 weeks later than I normally like to get the lettuce in the ground. Here are the lettuce seedlings I have planted so far: Salad Bowl, Sierra, Nevada, and Grand Rapids. I am still waiting for the lettuce Green Towers seedlings to get a little bigger in order to plant out into the garden. The garden peas have started to poke up through the soil. I have harvested a few green onions already with many more to come. My brother will be planting Yukon Gold potatoes within the next week and I am going to also plant potatoes in my new Potato Bag (check back for updates on this). I am going to try to get my Pakman broccoli seedlings in the ground in about 7 to 10 days, with the cabbage and brussel sprouts not too far behind that. I figure I am probably about 3 weeks away from the average last frost (Knock on Wood).

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