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Early November Garden, Ways to Extend the Season

The mid to late fall vegetable garden continues to produce a nice harvest of cabbage, broccoli, and lettuce.  The cauliflower heads are getting bigger and will be ready to harvest in about one more week.  The carrots are also nearing harvestable size.  The brussels sprouts are ready for harvesting, but have not been as of yet (see pic below).  The fall broccoli harvest has been very good with many very large heads (see pic below).  Temps are expected to dip below freezing in about 2 more days, so I will have to make sure to protect some of the late maturing plants with either row covers or plastic covered hoops.

Brussels Sprouts Ready for Harvest - Picture Taken 11-4-11

Large Head of Broccoli Just Before Harvest - Picture Taken 11/4/11

I have posted a new YouTube video below on ways to extend the fall growing season.

You may also view the above video directly from YouTube by clicking on the following link:  Ways to Extend the Fall Growing Season – November 8, 2011

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