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Tasty Winter Harvest!

On January 5th I harvested quite a few tasty carrots under the collapsed snow covered hoop (see pics below).  Despite single digit low temperatures and 8 inches of  snow, the carrots were perfectly fine.  I let the hoop collapse under the weight of the snow, figuring that the snow would give the carrots a little bit more cold protection, and apparently I was right.  The soil was not frozen at all.  In fact, I found quite a few worms still wiggling about as I was digging the carrots.  The dug carrots were firm and very sweet.  If you have not tasted carrots harvested in the colder fall and winter months, then you are missing out!!  These carrots will be much sweeter than the ones harvested in summer.

Collapsed Snow Covered Hoop - I Hope the Carrots are not Frozen!

Wow, the Carrots Look Fine Under the Hoop and the Snow!

The Final Harvest of Carrots on 1/5/2013

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