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Cold Frame is Up, Almost Time to Start Some Seeds

My Juwel cold frame went up last Saturday, February 18th.  I do not have any seedlings in it as of yet.  The extended weather forecast looks okay (no super cold temperatures predicted) so I think I will start some lettuce seedlings in a few days. If the good weather continues, I will start broccoli, brussels sprouts, and cabbage shortly after that.  Spring is almost here!

Why Do You Garden? #1 Anticancer Vegetables

Why do you garden?  There are many answers to this question.  Some people garden to relieve stress, others because they like being outdoors.  I agree with both of those answers, but I also raise a vegetable garden because I like eating the most fresh and nutritious foods. 

Studies have shown that the best vegetables for cancer prevention are the cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, kale, cabbage, cauliflower, etc.) and the Allium vegetables (garlic, onions, leeks).  These are the two superfood classes of vegetables most adept at blocking human cancer cell growth.  You can find more information at the following web sites: and

In my opinion, every vegetable garden should contain at least of few of these types of vegetables.  I grow broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and onions.  My two favorites of these are broccoli and onions.  I really miss fresh garden broccoli this time of year.  I recently bought some “fresh” broccoli at the local grocery store.  It was okay, but it certainly did not taste like “fresh from the garden” broccoli.  Here’s hoping for an early spring!!!

Website Updated, Patiently Awaiting Spring

Happy Belated New Year Everyone!! 

I have added 2 new pages to my Web Site: Frequently Asked Questions and a Video page.  Let me know what you think.  A special thank you to everyone who has visited my new Tim’s Square Foot Garden Facebook page.  If you have not stopped by the page yet, please do.  Don’t forget to like the page and please feel free to post any of your questions or comments on my wall.

The weather here has been warmer than normal with highs in the 40’s and sunny.  This is great weather for early January in Indiana.  Unfortunately, the warmer temps are only predicted to last a few more days.  All this warm weather has me thinking of spring.  I now have most of my seeds and garden supplies ordered for the upcoming growing season.  My Juwel cold frame will be going up, weather permitting, in about another 5 weeks, so spring cannot be far away :-)

Tim's Square Foot Garden is Now on Facebook, a Quick Garden Update

Great news, Tim’s Square Foot Garden in now on Facebook!!  Find my Facebook Page here:  Like the page and stay connected with me to see what is new in the garden. 

Not much happening in the garden right now.  Two inches of new snow fell on the garden 2 days ago, but it had all melted within a day.  I will be harvesting the rest of the fall planted carrots soon.  They have been growing under a plastic covered hoop since the weather turned cold.  The lettuce is also still growing under another hoop, but I will not be harvesting anymore of that until next spring.  The weather has been warmer than normal, but it has been very wet.

I have been inventorying my seeds and making plans for next year’s garden.  I will be ordering all my seeds within the next few weeks.

I would like to wish all my readers a very prosperous 2012!!

2011 Fall Garden a Great Success

My fall garden was very successful this year. I just finished harvesting the last of the cabbage and brussels sprouts on December 6th and 7th. Temperatures here in Central Indiana were above normal for the month of November, which probably helped the fall garden produce more over a longer period. The low temperatures over the last 2 mornings have been in the mid teens, which have effectively put an end to much of the fall garden harvest. I still have some carrots left in the ground (that are protected by a plastic covered hoop) which I will be harvesting within the month before the ground freezes solid. The fall harvest from my garden this year has been spectacular. Not only did the broccoli produce very nice main heads, but the plants produced some very nice side shoots over the better part of late October through November. The cabbage and cauliflower plants produced some mammoth sized heads. Now is the time to start planning next year’s garden. I have started receiving 2012 seed catalogs in the mail, so you know it won’t be long until spring arrives.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Early November Garden, Ways to Extend the Season

The mid to late fall vegetable garden continues to produce a nice harvest of cabbage, broccoli, and lettuce.  The cauliflower heads are getting bigger and will be ready to harvest in about one more week.  The carrots are also nearing harvestable size.  The brussels sprouts are ready for harvesting, but have not been as of yet (see pic below).  The fall broccoli harvest has been very good with many very large heads (see pic below).  Temps are expected to dip below freezing in about 2 more days, so I will have to make sure to protect some of the late maturing plants with either row covers or plastic covered hoops.

Brussels Sprouts Ready for Harvest - Picture Taken 11-4-11

Large Head of Broccoli Just Before Harvest - Picture Taken 11/4/11

I have posted a new YouTube video below on ways to extend the fall growing season.

You may also view the above video directly from YouTube by clicking on the following link:  Ways to Extend the Fall Growing Season – November 8, 2011

Late October Garden Update

The late October garden continues to outperform my earlier expectations.  The broccoli has matured and I have harvested some really large heads, some nearly 10 inches in diameter.  The cabbage plants are also quite large now.  One plant was almost the size of a basketball (see pic below).  Since the last blog post there have been several light frosts.  This morning was the first good freeze of the fall season, with a low of around 28 degrees.  The broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower were covered with row covers and the carrots and lettuce were protected with plastic covered hoops.  The green beans growing in the old corn raised bed were pulled up about a week ago.  The late crop from these was very good.  The peppers were pulled up a few days ago and topsetting onions were planted in their spot (for harvesting next spring and summer).  I will be pulling up the roma tomato plants today.  The brussels sprouts are maturing well and growing to a decent size.  harvest will begin on those within a few weeks.  Harvest continues on the late planted lettuce.  I harvested the last of the pole limas a few days ago. 

The weather has been fairly decent over the last few weeks, but there has been a few days of cold rain.  That is okay, as it has been very dry for most of the summer.  I emptied my rain barrel and will be storing it in the barn for the winter.  The growing season is fast approaching the end :-(

Very Large Head of Cabbage, 10/17/11

It Finally Rained!!!!! Fall Garden Growing Well

Sorry for the long delay between postings.  Well, it finally rained!!!!!! Our drought is mostly over here in Central Indiana.  After the rain, the temperatures really cooled down for about one week and now the temps are back above normal.  The first light frost occurred in the garden on the morning of October 2nd, which is about 2 weeks earlier then normal.  I covered the late planted green beans with a row cover, and it kept the plants alive, although a few leaves were nipped a bit.  I harvested a good many green beans the day before the frost.  The weather has been really nice and warm for the last 5 days or so.  The late planted broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage plants are maturing nicely.  Small heads have formed on most of the broccoli and a few of the cabbage plants are almost ready to harvest.  I have had to water some of plants already as it has been dry for the last week or so.  Harvest continues on the celery, lettuce, peppers, and pole lima beans.  The late summer planted carrots are doing much better now that it has rained and the temps have cooled.  the carrot plants are still somewhat small, but I am hopefull to still get a good harvest from them later on this fall.  The pole limas seem somewhat late this year, probably due to the extreme heat and drought of this summer.  Despite the weather, the “King of the Garden” pole limas have produced fairly well.  I am now trying to get enough good seeds saved from what are left on the vines to plant next year.  I also should be able to get one more good harvest to eat before the first hard fall frost.  The 3 new chickens, now just over 7 months old, have been laying eggs for the past 6 weeks or so.  They are really great to have around.  Of course, they are not spoiled at all :-).  I have posted a few pictures of my fall garden below.  Happy Fall Gardening.

Cauliflower and Cabbage Growing Nicely in this Raised Bed

8 Cabbage and 3 Broccoli Plants Growing in this Raised Bed

Carrots Looking Better Than a Month Ago

Broccoli Head Almost Ready to Harvest

My Spoiled Chickens Enjoying the Warm Fall Weather

Late Summer Garden, Drought Continues

The late summer garden continues to produce despite the extremely dry weather.  At least it has cooled a bit.  The forecast has the hot weather returning by late this week.  My six roma tomato plants have really produced well for me this year.  I guess the dry weather kept all of the leaf diseases away.  I only watered the tomato plants 3 or 4 times, and they still produced like crazy.  The pepper plants almost stopped producing peppers during the month of July, but they are starting to produce again.  I think it was caused by all of the extremely hot weather we had in July.  Peppers do not set fruit when it is that hot.  I have been harvesting some green beans from the plants that were started in the area where my spring planted peas were growing.  I still have a few more weeks of harvesting from these plants.  The green beans that were planted where the onions were pulled up have just started to flower, so it won’t be long until they start producing beans.  The green beans started in the raised bed where the corn was growing are growing fine and appear to be on schedule for a nice early October harvest.  The broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower seedlings that were transplanted about 3 weeks ago are doing okay.  The plants in the raised beds are doing better than the ones planted in the regular beds.  The ones in the regular beds are being attacked by flea beetles.  The Sierra lettuce seedlings planted out the first week in August are growing well despite the hot and dry weather.  Lettuce Sierra grows well in these conditions, as long as the plants are kept well watered.  We have about 45 more days until the first fall frost here in Central Indiana.  See below for some pics I took of the garden today.

Green Beans Growing in the Area Where the Onions Were Pulled in July

Late Planted Beans Maturing Nicely in the Old Corn Raised Bed

Early August Planted Sierra Lettuce Growing Nicely

Late Planted Broccoli in Regular Bed Struggling to Grow

Cabbage and Broccoli in Raised Bed Growing Better

The Death of Sunshine

This is a sad post announcing the news of the death of my favorite hen, Mary Ann, aka “sunshine.”  She was recalled by St. Francis and taken away by the chicken angels on Tuesday, August 16th (see picture above of me holding her).  She came to live in my backyard in March of 2010 with her “sister” Ginger, who preceded her in death.  She was believed to have been hatched out in April of 2009.  She was still relatively young for a hen, but she apparently developed some internal issue (maybe an infection of some kind or it is possible she was egg bound?) and went from healthy to expired in 4 days.  From all indications, see did not suffer much, for which I am grateful.  I know that some people reading this will think it odd to talk about a chicken in this way, but all of my backyard chickens are like pets, each with their own personalty and mannerisms.  Mary Ann was an Isa Brown hen (or a Sex Link type).  Up until last fall she laid every day (with a few exceptions) and she laid some of the biggest eggs I have ever seen (see pic below). 

Mary Ann's Big Eggs - The Size of Tennis Balls

I guess all of the egg laying probably took a toll on her, but that is what these breeds are bred to do.  Whenever the chickens were let out of their coop to run “roughshod” through the backyard, Mary Ann would be my constant companion, never straying too far from me, especially when I was working in the vegetable garden.  She always knew that I would feed her special treats, like worms.  She had the sweetest personality and would never mind being picked up, in fact I think she liked the attention.  She had several nicknames:  Booger, Grill (because she was always in my face) and Sunshine.  I am not sure when I started calling her “sunshine”, but it wasn’t until sometime later after I got her.  I use to frequently pick her up and rub her neck and sing the first verse of the song “You Are My Sunshine.” I guess I felt sorry for her becuase she was at the bottom of the then four hen pecking order.  Mary Ann was the hen who was flapping her wings in the article about lead in garden soils.  Mary Ann was a one of a kind chicken, there will never be another one quite like her.  May she Rest in Peace:

She was my sunshine,
My only sunshine.
She made me happy
When skies were grey.
You’ll never know, dear,
How much I loved you.
Please don’t take my sunshine away.